Présentation du MOSCI

Mouvement Suisse Contre l’Islamisation

Schweizerische Bewegung gegen die Islamisierung

Movimento svizzero contro l’islamizzazione


The Swiss Movement against islamization (MOSCI) was created July 27, 2007 in Lausanne. To date, five people gathered to lay the groundwork for this project. Today, the MOSCI is an association of just under 100 members and nearly 160 supporters.
The MOSCI has set a goal to reveal to everyone the true face of Islam: that of a warrior doctrine, racist, expansionist and defends particular application of the precautionary principle with regard to religious extremism.

The MOSCI is not religiously or politically oriented but welcomes people of all faiths and all political backgrounds. If MOSCI is not a religious group, it is not an anti-religious group: it supports a form of secularism without defending an ideological secularism whose consequences tend to negation and obliteration of root Judaeo-Christian religious in Switzerland.

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