In the end, islam will fall!

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The perfect man of islam – A Nightmare


5 responses to “In the end, islam will fall!

  1. I agree with you man,, in the end Islam will fall because it will eat itself. Evil is self-destructive.

    I want to thank you for putting up a link to my new site and project I did some surveying and have not gotten many favorable responses. But I made some changes and think I will go on with the project now enough to see if it is going to work. Your link helped me to decide to give it a try. TY!!!

    • Thank You for the visit Damon, I find Your site a very good idea. I still try to find out when exactly I became an “Islamophobe”…for a testimonial on Your site.

      • For me it was Terry Jones’s Burn a Koran day. One day I thought Jones was a bigot and wrote him a nasty note because his site said Islam is of the Devil, after 3 days on facebook pages for and against the burn a Koran Day,, I said,, damn, he’s right!!! And 2 years of studying Islam makes me even way more concerned now. THANKS AGAIN!

  2. @Damon Whitsell


    stimme Euch beiden zu mit Eurer Meinung°Gott schütze Euch für diese wetvolle Aufgabe–sowie Knecht Christi von Kopten ohne Grenzen mein lieben Mann und Wegbegleiter–habt dank für Eure Unterstützung und wertvolle Arbeit—weiter so….
    Mann kann nie genug berichten über den Islam…G.

  3. Liebe G.K., ganz herzlichen Dank für den Zuspruch. God Bless You and Your husband.

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